What are lintels?

November 20th, 2014by auteur

A lintel is a structural or decorative architectural feature than spans an opening, such as a door or window. They are used in construction styles from all over the world and throughout history. Several materials are used in the construction of ‘Builders lintels‘. Continue reading »

Professional cleaners make life easier

November 20th, 2014by auteur

People may think that hiring professionals for cleaning is a waste of money. If you have the means to do so, do it. Because they can save you lots of time. For instance, you can hire them for carpet steam cleaning services while you can do other more important work. Continue reading »

Types of plumbing professionals

November 19th, 2014by auteur

Your drains are blocked in the middle of the night? Obviously, you need to hire the service of an emergency plumber to solve your problem. However, the choice you make on what type of plumbing professional you should hire is often contingent on what kind of work you want done. Some plumbers specialise in installing new pipes into new houses, while others may specialise in installing pipes into commercial buildings. Most plumbers know how to unclog a drain. But, you should always make sure that the emergency plumber you are hiring is licensed by the state or the appropriate local authorities. Continue reading »

For those who feel it’s time for a change

November 19th, 2014by auteur

House alterations and additions are carried out for various reasons. Both these activities almost every time go hand in hand as the person adding a room or living area to his existing house will surely need some alterations. From a small sitting area to a baby room or an additional bathroom, additions to houses may vary greatly. Adding rooms and bringing changes to a house requires a considerable investment, depending on the type and size of the room is being added. Apart from the financial cost, it may also be a physical and emotional cost with disturbance in your routine. Continue reading »

Bling-bling in your mouth

November 19th, 2014by auteur

No, I’m not talking about grills. I’m talking about the type of oral “bling-bling” that enhances your oral health. Yes, it’s braces. Continue reading »

All about screws

November 18th, 2014by auteur

A screw is a type of fastener characterised by a helical ridge, known as external thread, wrapped around a cylinder. Screws will almost always have a head on one end, and which contains a specially formed shaped that allows them to be turned or driven. Continue reading »

Your Guide To: Small Event Planning

November 18th, 2014by auteur
How to plan your own small events!

The world of event planning is developing at a rapid pace. There are so many individuals starting a small business as an event planner. Why? One reason might be because the job in itself allows an individual to constantly challenge themselves. It also allows one to really let their creative-juices flow. It turns out to be an all-round satisfying job and allows individuals to reach their full potential.

Small event planning (SEP) is a good starting point for those who are just starting out as event planners. SEP allows a lot for flexibility in terms of venues. And it is simpler to work with the needs of smaller groups. Continue reading »

A visit to the optometrist

November 18th, 2014by auteur

Every two years, a person who wears glasses or contact lenses has to go for an eye test. The doctor will see if their sight has changed or not. Continue reading »

Applying a picture to a canvas stretcher

November 17th, 2014by auteur

A canvas stretcher is comprised of an interlocking wooden frame which allows the canvas to be wrapped and stapled onto the frame. Canvas artwork should be centered within a frame so that no excess canvas is exposed after the canvas border is wrapped securely around the canvas stretcher. Continue reading »

Unwanted stumps

November 17th, 2014by auteur

Stumps are something that we see in many places; this is because often people cut down trees but they do not remove the lower pat of the trunk and the roots. With time, this can cause several problems and if you have stumps in your property, you may think about getting rid of them.

Fear of re-growth

Continue reading »