Injury rehabilitation phases

December 18th, 2014by auteur

If you have suffered from certain injury and you are done with the first phase; repair of tissues and healing of wounds, it may be time for the second phase. This involves the restoration of physiology which will help your body regain all its functions like before.

The right treatment plan

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Hotels: More Than Just a Place to Sleep

December 17th, 2014by auteur

Did you know that the word hotel derives from the old French word “hôtel”. It referred to a French version of a building which sees frequent visitors and provides care, rather than a place providing accommodation. But when you think about its original meaning, that is the essence of the hospitality. It is to provide care to its guests. Continue reading »

Air conditioning – Description

December 17th, 2014by auteur

Automotive air conditioning is the process by which the air is cooled and cleaned, the humidity towered and the air circulated. Air conditioning systems are common on modern motor vehicles. Continue reading »

You should service your car

December 17th, 2014by auteur

Your car breaks down, who do you call? A car mechanic. Their job is to repair engines of cars or other vehicles. They may sometimes specialise in the repair of a specific make of auto-mobile. Continue reading »

Use of aluminium in shutters

December 17th, 2014by auteur

Roller shutters are normally made of aluminium and are used almost everywhere in the world. This is because, aluminium is a metal that is durable, long lasting and light. Moreover, aluminium is an inert element, hence most products that are made out of it tend to last very long without having to suffer from corrosion or other destructive effects. Aluminium is used widely to manufacture factory roller doors, garage doors and roller shutters. Continue reading »

A glowing skin is proof of a healthy body

December 17th, 2014by auteur

Who wouldn’t like to have a skin like a movie star with smooth features, soft and glowing skin with plump, rosy cheeks? But admit it, you may be trying all the ‘glowing skin tricks’ available on the net and still can’t get the desired results. Your skin is actually a mirror of your inner self. Whenever there is something wrong going on inside your body, one of the first places where it is reflected, is your skin. Dull or oily skin may be a sign of improper eating or dry and flaky skin may be a sign of dehydration. If you think that going to the parlour every two or three months for a complete skin-cleaning package will give you a clear skin then you are mistaken. Skin care should be a daily ritual. From the food you are eating to the cleansing products you are eating, everything has a role to play on your skin type. Continue reading »

Why it is Good to Run-in your Audi Engine Properly

December 15th, 2014by auteur

Running in is a process which all new engines need to undergo. In this process the moving parts in the engine wear against each other. The goal of modern engine run-ins is the settling of piston rings into an engine cylinder wall. It provides the engine with the ideal basis for coping with everyday wear and tear. Continue reading »

Green, Lighted and Covered Driveways

December 12th, 2014by auteur

You are in the process of building a driveway and want it to have something more? Consider the options below for something out of the ordinary.

Lighted driveways

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We love their honey but not their sting!

December 12th, 2014by auteur

Bees are flying insects of the Apoidea family that are closely related to wasps. Ecologically, they are very important as they play a great role in the pollination of plants. They also produce honey and beeswax. Bees feed on plant’s nectar which provides them energy and pollen which gives them protein. Bees are known to live in colonies. While some bee types live in colonies of a few dozen, other colonies can house tens of thousands of bees. They are thus classified into eusocial and semisocial groups where eusocial refers to the most developed colonies with a queen bee and workers divided into subcastes and semisocial refers to colonies where there are groups of cohabiting females. Continue reading »

Cars and harsh weather

December 12th, 2014by auteur

It is true that vehicles are prone to wear and tear over time and they require regular car service. However, certain natural occurrences or harsh weather can cause terrible damage to your car even if it is in the best conditions.

Flooded car

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